How to Use QtmTool - Eisenhower Box?

It is very simple and easy tool for your task management & action planning according to importance of the task. You can easily bifurcate you task and identify which you need to to first and which should be eliminated.
So, these are basic steps to start with tool to increse your productivity.

1. Login/SignUP

To access the tool, click on following button:

Register   Login

2. Allow Push Notifications

  • After login, it will ask to allow notifications if it's not already allowed.
  • It will automatically open a box to enable push notifications. This will send notifications even if tool is not opened in browser.

3. Create Tasks

  • To create a task click on Add Task button(+ icon).
  • Task can be created in any box depending on the urgency and importance, by clicking on the corresponding add button.

4. Move task on Priority Box​

  • Task can be created in any box but still it allows to drag and drop to move task in another box depending on the urgency and importance

5. Complete A Task

  • It's very easy to mark a task complete by clicking on the checkbox just prior to the task.
  • All completed tasks will be listed in the bottom right panel.

If you still have any doubt and concern, feel free to chat with us or contact us!