English Chat With Domain Guys

  • Welcome to Support Helpdesk. How may I help you?
  • Hello Kedar, I hope you are doing well, safe and healthy.
  • Sure, can you please elaborate on what all changes you have in mind?
  • I don’t mean to rush, however, the chat has been idle for a few minutes and I’m wondering if we’re still connected.
  • Unfortunately domain names can not be changed after registration.
    You can add a redirection on wptwisters.com to point to wptwister.com if you wish however the name of the domain can not be changed.
  • There is a 4 day money back period.
  • If you delete the order before 4 days of registration the refund will automatically get credited to you.
  • However, Privacy protection will not be refunded and a 1 USD deletion fee is also charged.
  • Yes, correct. Regarding the Privacy Protection, it will have to be re-purchased unfortunately Kedar.

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