A Helpful Method To Accomplish Our Goals: Eisenhower Matrix

Eisenhower matrix method can help to accomplish our goals by managing those based on urgency and importance of goals or activities related to goals. So, by using Eisenhower Matrix, we can identify which action should be taken first and which we can postponed. It can be used to manage for short term as well as long term goals. So, let’s see how can we use Eisenhower Matrix method to accomplish our goals. 

Brief about Eisenhower Matrix:

Eisenhower box or decision matrix is a strategy helps to manage the tasks based on urgency and importance. It has following 4 Quadrants to manage the tasks.
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  • 1st Quadrant: Urgent and Important (DO NOW)
  • 2nd Quadrant: Not Urgent But Important (SCHEDULE)
  • 3rd Quadrant: Urgent But Not important (DELEGATE)
  • 4th Quadrant: Neither Urgent Nor Important (ELIMINATE)

Short-Term Goals Management:

We can use this method to accomplish our goals which are short-term or for few days or week.  So to manage your short-term goals using Eisenhower Matrix, you can use the goals as activities or divide the goal into small activities. Then analyse those activities and identify which activities are important and which are not important or less important.

Basically, you need to evaluate, how much contribution of that activity has in your overall goal. If that activity has a big role in your goal, then mark that important.

After enlisting the important activities, decide which should be done first, and which can be done later. This is called the Urgency.

Important Activities

  • Important activities which needs to be done first or need to take action on those as soon as possible, are called Important an Urgent Activities. Put all these activities in 1st Quadrant – Do Now (Important & Urgent)
  • Activities, which are import but not required to do now, those, are called Important but Not Urgent Activities. We need to schedule a time for such activities. So, put all these activities in 1st Quadrant – Schedule (Important But Not Urgent)

If we have correctly separated our goal into activities, then there should not be any unimportant activity. We should focus even on tiny activities and consider those as important.

However, if there is any Not Important activity, put that in 3rd Quadrant or 4th Quadrant, depending on the urgency.

Not Important Activities

  • Not Important activities which are urgent to take action then put those in 3rd Quadrant – Delegate (Not Important but Urgent). Don’t do these activities yourself. As the name says, find someone who can do these for you.
  • Neither important nor Urgent activities should put in the 4th Quadrant – Delete (Neither Important Not Urgent). You should not do these activities. However, if these are fun and refreshment activities, then you can do these in downtime or break just for the relaxation purpose not for procrastination.

Long-Term Goals Management:

If you have a long term Goal, then analyse that depth fully and divide that in short-goals. Make a clear and vivid visualization of your goal so that you can properly divide that into short-goals. Then, plan those tasks “Short-Term Goals” as we discussed earlier in this post.

In other words, identify and divide your long-term goals into short-term activities and then identify the Importance and urgency of those activities and move those in the required quadrant to that action can be taken according to the plan.

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